Monday, 16 January 2012

Stash Diet Review: Koigu KPPPM

Just after I moved down here almost 4 years ago, my love of yarn took off.  Shot up like a rocket.  I don't need a psychiatrist to tell me buying yarn was just filling a void left by leaving my friends and family behind; I'm woman enough to admit it!

I joined Ravelry in November 2007, so by the time I moved I was already well aware of the bright glorious world of luxury yarns.  I had this silly notion I might knit socks, and what better website to buy sock yarn from that Socktopus (this is Socktopus of old, when she sold all manner of luxury sock yarns otherwise very hard to obtain in the UK, not the recent Socktopus where Alice dyes her perfect yarns and publishes books.  Though I do love both incarnations equally.)

I loved Socktopus-of-old.  Not a day went by that I didn't look, but I had better self-control than than I do now and only bought yarn (from anywhere) very rarely.  Until the Koigu sale.  

The love affair started with the rainbow skeins at the very top.  It was buy-one-get-one-free, and how could I say no.  

This started the luxury yarn buying.  Not a bad yarn to have as a trigger to an addiction!

The colours are all glorious and vibrant, and the twist is just perfect - not too tight and not too loose, and it produces gorgeous looking fabric.  

So why has it not been used?   Well, because I like it too much.  I am so afraid that what I knit with it will never do this yarn justice.  I started socks with the blue skeins, but frogged them when it became apparent I was never going to finish it, so now I'm worried it's been sitting in cake form so long all the stretch will have been taken out the yarn (which is why I tend to never cake anything up until I'm ready to use it!).

This year, I will use at least one of these colourways, and it may or may not be on socks - KPPPM is 100% Merino, and I really don't want to use 100% wool on something that will be worn as hard as socks!

More details on the colourways can be found on my stash page on ravelry, and here are some more photos for you too drool over ;)


  1. I LOVE the Koigu yarn and actually posted a picture of it as one of my 365 project photos because I just love looking at it. And, going through your post here makes me want to go get some more! Your pictures are wonderful.

  2. Bear in mind that Merino is not wool because it is not from a sheep. It is goat fleece and much more sturdy - thus perfect for socks.

    1. I thought Merino was a breed of sheep?


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