Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WIP Wednesday {} Yarn Along

Welcome to a gorgeous day here in West Sussex!  The sun is shining, and it's not too cold (second day in a row without heating on!)

Today I have 1 project to share with you, Courtyard.

I love the simplicity of the cables in this project, and ave used it to finally figure out cables without cable needles, using Stitched Togethers tutorial.  So utterly simple, and it really has made this project fly.  I've not been able to work on it much this week, I've been quite ill but should get back to it tonight after the pre-school committee meeting!

The eagle-eyes amongst you will spot one mistake right back near the start where I slipped the cable the wrong direction.  Oh, and the biscuit crumb :D.

I am using some Lion Brand Vannas Choice and some leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.  The pattern is really well written and has a choice of 2 sizes - this is for my brother so I will be knitting the larger size, but I'll be checking it on Jitterbugs head before committing to that.

This week I am reading A Knitting Mystery series by Maggie Sefton.  They are very quick to read (about 2 evenings each book so far, so one day for those who read during the day I'd suppose), though some of the plots are a bit far fetched, and I find myself mentally cursing the main character at the end of every book, but I don't hate them!  According to my goodreads account, I read 99 books last year, so my challenge this year is to read 100.  I won't be choosing just the easy reads, I have a personal goal of books I would love to read (or re-read) this year which I will post about soon.

Starting next Monday (I shall probably call this Stash Monday), I will be writing a bit about my stash, both books and yarn.  Each week I will choose a book or yarn from my stash and explain why I own it with a little review of why I love it, and why in the case of yarn I've not used it yet!  You can find photos of the yarn and fibre stash through the tab at the top, and I am aiming to get photos of my books this week.

Today I have joined in with Tamis Amis WIP Wednesday and Ginnys Yarn Along.

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