About Me

There is not much to say about me.  That may seem like false-modesty, but it's not.

My mum in the 70s
My name Isadora Felici Maggie McBroon.  I was raised in central Scotland, surrounded by my whole family within a few miles of us.  Where I grew up was quite small, but as with most places less than 30 miles from 2 major cities (and 1 minor city), the commuters found it and it's now a large town, with too few schools, too few dentists and way too many streets.  I don't care though, because I no longer live there (OK, that's a lie. I totally do care, and wish every day that we lived there.  And while I'm fessing up, my name isn't Isadora Felici Maggie McBroon - it's Christine).

My Dad being young
I moved to West Sussex, in the south-east of England, 4 years ago after having my son Bubba (who was born 450 miles away from where his dad, my ex, lived.  Don't worry, his dad (Jitterbug) saw him being born).  I didn't want to move, but Jitterbug (my ex-ex by this point) lived here and I did what was best for our family.

Jitterbug and I married in July 2009.  Don't ask me the date, as I do not know, but neither does he so I don't feel too bad.  Facebook will tell us nearer the time anyway.  We married with 20 guests (family only).  We parked our car in Asda (large supermarket chain) and walked up to the registry office together, and 30 minutes later we left, husband and wife.

Our daughter Gremlin was born in October 2009.  Our lives have never been the same since.  I will leave it to you to read between the lines there.

In 2006, I started knitting (other than the knitting I did as a child) so I wouldn't kill myself.  Seriously.  The one thing in the world guaranteed, even now 6 years later, to cause me extreme anger and frustration.  But it worked, and I am still here.  It still helps keep my mind off things, but not as effectively.  However, on the depression scale 1-10, 1 being very mild, I'd put myself around a 3 right now, which is not too bad at all!
My sister and I.  Yes, I know. 

After Bubba was born, knitting fell to the wayside, and I only knit a handful of things.   That was, until February 2010 when my mojo returned!  Hurrah!

I now have a severe stash problem, very little impulse control, tennis elbow and RSI developing in my pinky.  I feel lost if I don't knit at least once a day.

My audition for Scream
Since that fateful February, I have learned to crochet, I have reignited my love for cross-stitch and embroidery and bought a sewing machine.  You probably won't see too much about those topics on this blog though as knitting is my one true love (other than Jitterbug.  And 'some guy' before Jitterbug.  And Bubba.  And Gremlin, I suppose.), but I will occasionally post about something really special I'm working on.

P.S The names used here are fictional.  In case you wondered.  Except mine, which really is Christine.

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