Stash Diet 2012

I have decided that for 2012 I will only knit and spin out of my stash.  There are 2 exceptions:

1. Penelope Craft in Amsterdam.  I will be buying yarn here.
2. My sister will be gifting me a large amount of DK weight yarn she no longer uses.  This is not yet in my stash, but shall be considered so.

These photos don't contain yarn that I am using for current WIPs, since that is obviously being used from my stash.

I'll post after photos at the end of the year, and I'm really hoping some of these will have made it into finished objects!

Plus 3 black bags of Mule fleece, a who-knows cross!


  1. I'd REALLY like to jump in there and bounce on it all :-)

  2. That's some impressive stash! I dread to think if I could fit mine all on my bed! I think I would...probably... :-/

    S x

  3. I've done the same thing with my stash... then I just stand there and look at it because it's so beautiful! I'm trying to shop my stash more this year too. However, I'm going to be in Portland (Oregon) this next month during a Yarn Crawl, so I don't see how I will realistically avoid purchasing some more yarn. It's a special occasion, like your Amsterdam exception, right? :)

  4. OMG! That is an impressive stash, you should be able to make some glorious goodies from it! ;o)

  5. Oh my! Your stash makes mine look tiny. I joined a stash busting challenge from the Creating a Family Home blog. I was amazed at how much yarn I had, but you definitely have me beat!

  6. Ooh, I was just thinking of doing this!! I recently, and with trepidation, gathered my fibers to face is like a woman. Step #2 was telling myself I would NOT buy anymore fiber. Step #3 is 'shudder' adding in the yarn stash. And now you've given me Step #4! Thankee kindly. :)


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