Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pretty Crafty Home

I have decided to join Sandra at Cherry Heart in her Pretty Crafty Home mission!

I have been feeling for the last few weeks/months like my house was really dragging my mood and spirit down. When we moved here almost 3 years ago, this was my chance to have a home.  Jitterbug and I made grand plans to paint and 'do stuff'.  Alas, we got stuck in the trap so many before us have got stuck in - idleness!  To begin with he house was liveable, and then we just couldn't be bothered.  The house is no longer liveable to me, and it's time to fix that!

Yes, it is in one piece, and no major renovation work needs done - the kitchen are bathroom are both perfectly usable.

The problem is my house depresses me.  I will take you on a tour next week and highlight the areas that really make me unhappy and any ideas I had for that area.

So here is a basic summary of what I intend to achieve:

1.  Tidy, clean, repeat.
In the middle of January, I cleaned my house.  I emptied cupboards, threw out things that were broken or weren't being used, put things that still had life in them on freecycle.  It felt really really good, so I aim to do it again and again until I am finally happy with what we have in this house.

2.  I will change my behaviour.
Each day I will tidy up the kitchen, clear the worktops, put washing away as and when it needs put away.  I will empty the recycling before overflow point.  I won't leave dirty dishes sitting most of the day.  I am targeting my kitchen because as a mother, that is where I spend half my days - I need to be happy in the kitchen.

3. Budget!
Everything I do to the house will be a tight budget, so I will not throw money around like it grows on trees (even though I wish I could!).  If I can't thrift it or make it, I will search out the cheapest functioning option.

4. Childrens toys will not reproduce!
If a new toy enters this house, an old one will leave.

5. Make our house a home that we love.
We don't love our house.  It is a box for our stuff at the moment, and this needs changed.  We need to  put up photos, we need to stop drowning in a sea of magnolia coloured walls.  We need to get out of the comfort zone and start caring about the environment we live in before it drags both of us down to the depths to the point of no return.

6. Crafting will be done!
I will attempt to make items for the house, or customise items for the house - cushions, bunting, decoupage etc.

We won't be able to do everything we want, but we can make a start.  I will post about this every Saturday.  I need something to properly commit to, and coming up with ideas once a week should be easy enough.

Every week I will write about an idea I had, or post pictures of an inspiration, or just post an update on how we are getting on.I am really very excited for this year now.  I have a lot of ideas, just need to execute them.

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