Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hello Wednesday!

I hope this week has been going well for everyone?

I cast-on a new project last night - Whimsical Elf Couture Cowl.  I love the sample on the project page, sadly I don't think mine will be nearly as beautiful!

I started off using Noro scraps I had, but then late last night I had exhausted all the nice colours, and so I had to crack open 3 brand new hanks that had been set aside for Lizard Ridge.  I won't use much of them, so I should still get one square out of each hank, should I ever get enough steam up my bum to actually finish it!  This is going to be a very random coloured cowl!

I am not following the pattern exactly, I screwed up on the 10th row or something like that, so now I'm just using it as a guide, and the garter stitch rows are being properly random now.  I think at some point in the future I'm going to have to try to make one like the sample as it is just too beautiful for words -  it's such a shame we can't get Bernat in the UK!  Does anyone have any ideas for other 'true' rainbow yarn with long colour runs in aran (or larger) weight?  I  could always buy Kauni pencil roving and add some twist to it....

That's it for me this week, but make sure you check out some of the other blogs over at Tamis Amis

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