Saturday, 19 November 2011

Winding Down

Ever since Gremlin was born, she was carried in a wrap. She used to love being close to me, high up and able to see all the world.
Babywearing got us through sickness, tiredness.
Through sightseeing.

Through shopping in busy crowds.
Cold winter days were no trouble
We even went to see Pearl Jam!
Nap times were no trouble when we were out
She loved seeing everything from up high.  We would have conversations about the sky, the trees, the birds.
Recently though, she has been fighting it.  Really fighting it with all her strength, and when a 2 year old throws their weight backwards while unsecured on your back, it makes you stop and think.
She has been enjoying the pushchair recently.  She would rather walk everywhere, but sometimes that's just not possible.

I am sad about our babywearing days winding down, for now.  She may enjoy it again in a few weeks time, but knowing how she is, chances are slim.  I will force it sometimes, as she does enjoy it after a couple of minutes.  The last photo above was taken this week, minutes after she was crying to get down.

For now, I will enjoy the comfort and fun we have had, and look forward to the next few years where she will be walking more, then walking everywhere.  I am enjoying being able to wear coats that I haven't worn for years!  I am enjoying the fact that she has watched and learned the best way to soothe a crying baby.
Each time she is on my back, I will cherish as if it were the last time.  This time next year we won't be babywearing, she will be walking everywhere, so this really is the final countdown.

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