Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WIP Wednesday

I am so utterly excited about my new WIP.  The last few projects have really challenged my skills (jumper, cardigan, fair isle, steeks), and this one is no different.

I never used to be the biggest fan of small needles.  Anything less than 4mm used to bring my hand out in cramps, but since I've adapted my knitting style, this no longer appears to be a problem.  My pinky in particular used to get really bad pains running through it from having the grip the needles in a certain way, but not had that since 'The Change' either!  So I am now a convert to needles on the smaller end of the scale.
The Baby Lamb Cuffs kit from Great British Yarns was a gift from my mum.  In the kit is enough yarn to make 2 pairs of cuffs, and I am 3/4 the way through the first pair.  I only started these on Sunday!   The yarn makes the cuff feel so delicate and dainty.  The only problem I had was tension, and the yarn puckers slightly at the edge of the sheep, but I seem to have cracked this for the second cuff so I may just keep the first one for myself, and knit the other pair quite quickly after I've finished these as they will be a gift for my sister.

They are knit on 2.75mm needles, so not the tiniest of needles, but smaller than I've used before and this will be good practise for the Wild Apple Bohus hat I'm getting for my birthday from my mum, as will the using multiple colours (4 colours are carried for 3 rows, which is nothing for some Bohus patterns).  Intarsia isn't something I had ever really thought about doing, or something I felt I was lacking in the skills department, but I am really glad I've started these.

I am going to be away this Friday visiting family (on my own!), so I won't be able to show the FO until next week, but it'll be a picturetastic FO Friday as I will have some other projects to show you also!

Until then, head over to Tamis to see some more WIP Wednesdays.

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