Monday, 17 October 2011

Ally Pally

Every year, Twisted Thread host The Knitting and Stitching Show in London at Alexandra Palace (it is also held in a couple of other cities in the UK).  It is the biggest marketplace at a show of it's kind in the UK and so it was with great excitement that myself and some friends booked tickets.  A couple of people couldn't make it, so myself, Sarah, Danielle and Sarahs mum went this year.
Random woman, Danielle and Sarah
We got the train at a perfectly reasonable time of 9.02am, and got there shortly after 11 I think?
Sarahs mum and Sarah
The marketplace did not disappoint.  It was massive.  Overwhelming almost.  And yet, there was not much there to tempt me.  Had I been an avid quilter or sewer in addition to yarn crafts I would have been in heaven.  I do enjoy sewing, but not to the same degree as knitting, or even crocheting.  I did find some things to tempt me, including the Shilasdair stall which I didn't find until near the end.
Noro Sock
Nimu Mickleden
Shilasdair Luxury DK
Shilasdair Luxury DK
I went to the show completely 'bought out'.  I have bought so much in the last few months, it almost pained me to go to a marketplace with the intent to buy anything, so I was very considered with my purchases.  I did really enjoy wandering around the stalls outside the main marketplace - some of the embroidery stalls were stunning, and I saw some things I really wanted to buy, but realised I should probably deal with the embroidery projects I have planned first *laugh*.  A friend of mines mum was also there showing her felting work, but I didn't get a chance to hunt her down before having to leave.

Despite the marketplace being so overwhelming, the number of yarn related stalls were quite underwhelming considering we had spent almost 2.5 hours getting there!  So I have decided next year, I will be attending Unravel in Farnham Maltings.  It offers the perfect balance between luxury yarns and mass-produced yarns, and I had such a good time this year when I went with Danielle.

After Ally Pally, I met with my mum who took me to The Beatles shop to buy Bubba a Yellow Submarine lunch box.  I am sad to say it, but that was the shopping highlight of the day for me *laugh*

Oh, I did fall in love with the Tulip Carry C set of interchangable needles though!

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