Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Year of Projects {Week 5}

Well, as usual, grand plans with very little result!

The February Lady Sweater is looking the same as last week, and when I said that I'd be working on the Kiss Triangle Shawlette this week, I didn't take into account any evenings spent knitting on other things (one secret knitting which I may talk about on WIP Wednesday this week, the other a WIP that was playing on my mind) or giving Jitterbug a massage after he threw his back out brushing his teeth one morning.

Needless to say, the scarf is not finished, nor is it looking much different!  I have done approximately 14 rows since last Sunday :D  I am the queen of optimism!

Needless to say I have no photos to show this week, so I will leave you with these photos, taken at Zaanse Schans, just outside Amsterdam.

If you ever want to get up close to real life working windmills, this is the place!  Some of the staff still wear clogs too, for the genuine Dutch experience!

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