Saturday, 6 August 2011

It was short, but sweet!

Our recent run of going out on our own for an evening has now come to an end.  Babysitters, sadly, don't grow on trees, and we have reached the limit of my mum babysitting this year.

I never wrote about The Black Crowes show in Amsterdam.  I never wrote about Amsterdam really.  I will have to rectify that soon!  The band we saw last night was a band I found out about through The Black Crowes, The Jayhawks.

Without going into detail about why this was a must-see event, I really wasn't sure whether I'd enjoy myself.  It was the original line-up playing a reunion show of sorts.  I have seen parts of the original line-up in different bands, but never playing as The Jayhawks.  They were really really really good!

We saw them at The Forum in Kentish Town, which is an alright venue but a bit of a pain to get to.  The sound was awful.  More than awful actually, but the band were superb.

One of the highlights of the evening was seeing old friends met through various message boards, but with whom we have become great friends with.  It had been so long since I last saw one of them, way before I was pregnant with Oliver.

As with everything in the world though, all good things must come to an end.  I have no more concert tickets waiting for me, and chances are the next concert I will be going to is Rich Robinson when/if he tours next year.

It was a short sweet run of evenings where I could forget about being a parent for a few hours.  When we go out, we don't stay in touch.  We do not phone every hour or expect updates.   It is our time to reconnect with each other and to enjoy the company of friends while listening to some good music without the burden of worry.

I adore my husband, and I love the fact we are so a like in some ways.  We have the same parenting ideals, the same ideas and have so much in common.  Our sense of humour is the exact same (we are both sarcastic, and we express love in a way which might be deemed cruel to anyone who isn't smart enough to see the love in our eyes and faintest hint of a smile on our lips).  We don't need to shower each other in love and attention all day, nor do we demand it of the other, because we know how the other feels.  On nights out on our own, it is like it used to be before kids.  He bought me the Jayhawks ticket for mothers day, and arranged for my mum to come down, all on his own!

I look forward to our next date night, whenever that may be!  I take Jitterbug for granted sometimes, and forget how lucky I actually am to have such a normal, grounded husband who would do anything for us and who adores spending time with his children, who feels sad when he doesn't see them for a few days.  It really is not something that one should take for granted, and these nights out help me readjust my perspective on our family and our world.

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