Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

I'll warn you now, this may be a long one!  Not because I have loads of WIPs, I have the same number-ish as last week.  No, I am going to write about my secret WIP.  I had to be confident Jitterbug doesn't know about or read my blog, and I am pretty certain now he is blissfully ignorant.  Not that I keep it secret, he can know about it after the secret WIP is no longer a secret.

So, everyone who is likely to come into contact with him, zip it!

I'll start though with the familiar.

February Lady Sweater still no change.

I am itching to get this finished and off the needles, but the Kiss Triangle Shawlette is closer to being finished so it comes first.

I think I'm about 10 rows off being done and ready to start the cast-off.  I'm going to finish the next 10 rows, then make a guess.  I may decide to do one more full pattern repeat - I have enough yarn for it so doesn't make any difference really.

I have finished 2 blocks of my crocheted blanket

I'm doing these while the kids have dinner, so they aren't getting in the way of any valuable knitting time (I tend to need something easily put downable when they eat).

I took new photos of the blocks completed thus far for Lizard Ridge (no, these have not been done this week, it took me 3 years to get to this point :laugh:)

The next block is underway (and has been since February)

And that brings me to secret knitting.  Jitterbug always asks me to knit him a jumper.  My usual response involves hysterical laughter and mutterings usually involving pigs flying.  In April, I saw this pattern and immediately wanted to make it.  I saw an opportunity to be really organised for Christmas, and ordered Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Bramble Heather and confidently started in May.  I am very lucky in that he goes away quite often (he is in Istanbul this week), I go to stitch & bitch once a week, he usually goes and practices with his band one night a week.  So there is plenty of opportunity to knit.

Why is it then that I am panicking?
Two sleeves
It took me 2.5 months to do the sleeves, and I think they might be too small.  I started the body last month, and am crawling through it.
I need this to be done for Christmas.  I need it to not fit as badly as I am imagining it to.  I know Jitterbug will love it regardless, but I'd quite like him to be able to wear it.  I get the right gauge, so I just need to trust the numbers.  

To see some more lovely WIPs, head on over to Tamis.  For more Yarn Alongs, visit here.

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