Sunday, 14 August 2011

Squee Sunday!

Lots of things this week!
Biggest one is this book, Eddie Vedders Ukulele Songs.  We pre-ordered this a couple of months ago now from Ten Club (it was limited edition, and I can't find it on the website any more), and it finally arrived this week!  In it are standard ukulele chord structures, and also the ones Eddie Vedder uses on his album, Ukulele Songs, which as the title suggests is an album full of songs played on the ukulele.
Very sexy uke!
Jitterbug and I both love the album, and after buying Jitterbug a uke for his birthday this year which has sat unplayed, he needs some kind of incentive!  Hopefully this will get him learning a new instrument.  Jitterbug has a bad track record with learning new instruments - he is very set in his ways and having played guitar for the last almost-30 years he struggles to not think in terms of guitar chords.  He wants to learn but isn't willing to become a beginner again; we have a lapsteel that he doesn't play, a mandolin that get's looked at sometimes and a ukulele sitting on top of the cd shelves gathering dust!  He only plays with his many guitars! I think I might even give learning a shot with this book, looks easy enough :)
Next, some very nice fibre I ordered from World of Wool.  Fantastic prices, fantastic service, and I can't imagine I'll be ordering from anywhere else in future!  I got 300g each of scoured Blue Faced Leicester, scoured Kent Romney Lambswool, and scoured white Shetland.  I also got 400g each of black Jacob and grey Jacob tops.
In yarnie related news, I have decided to knit Have You Made a Jumper Yet on my Year of Projects list with Knit Picks Palette in Mustard.  It was originally going to be some white 4ply sock yarn I got at Knit nation for a steal, but then decided white would get dirty, and it looked a bit too thin and fragile to knit a jumper with.  This is the second variety of Knit Picks yarn I have, and while my inner eco-warrier hates me for buying it, my frugal stingy self loves it!  Both times I ordered from Great British Yarns (the name is so ironic since I only ever order Knit Picks!) and they also have fantastic service, I've had email replies at all hours!

I've also re-found my love for my SLR, and spent yesterday re-taking stash shots :laugh:  I still have more to take, my stash is all over the house!

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