Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

Not much progress here I'm afraid.  I almost had something different to show you but I finished it hehe, and this is basically just a repeat of my Year of Projects post on Sunday, but for those who don't subscribe or read those blog posts, here it is.

First up, as usual, is February Lady Sweater.  Not looking too much different than the photo from Sunday, but it is inching along.

Going to have a break from this for a few days, and concentrate on the Kiss Triangle Shawlette

This has not changed one bit since I first posted a photo of it, but hopefully I can get it done or close to finished by the weekend!

My next WIP is washing this fleece I just had delivered

Sadly, some parts are felted together, and the hair isn't too long, so I really don't think it'll be suitable for spinning, but I'll wash some and see how it looks then.

For more WIPs visit Tamis blog

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