Thursday, 11 August 2011

I'm getting the itch again, and other things!

I've not crocheted anything since I did my Festival Shawl, and I'm starting to feel the itch to pick up a hook and do something.  Not the best timing in the world, but what can you do?

I am due to teach my sister how to crochet next time we are in Scotland, and with the sudden need to start making baby things, I got these out my local library (you'll have to excuse the very bad horrible processed photo from my phone, the camera is crap and this is the only way to get photos people wouldn't mind looking at)
Crochet to go, 200 Crochet Blocks, Crochet Motifs

I bought these with a view to buying eventually, and having had a quick browse through them, I will be buying two of them - 200 Crochet Blocks and Crochet Motifs.  I love crochet blankets, and these will provide endless hours of fun.  I am going to order them to be delivered to my parents house nearer the time, and I can just take some hooks and yarn with me.  I recently bought some teeny tiny steel hooks with wooden handles, 1mm-3mm - 1mm hooks are invisible!

So, the books I am going to buy are amazing.  Even the one I'm not going to buy is good, but it just doesn't offer as much as the other two in terms of motifs, layouts or colour combinations (which I won't be following, but look good anyway!).  I have six colours in a box upstairs set aside for a baby blanket, in addition to whatever my sister brings for me, so I will have more than enough yarn for a decent sized baby blanket, and hopefully the colours my sister brings will coordinate with each other!

My mum also requested a scarf like mine for her birthday in December, so I bought yarn for it a couple of weeks ago.

When I think about it, there is a good bit of crochet coming up in the next few months!  I also have a few baby things I want to knit, so have been busy hunting down patterns that will suit boys or girls, and I have some ideas brewing.

In other news, some of you may have noticed a redesign in the last week.  I'm not 100% happy with it, so I am going to be messing around with the code over the next few days if I can't find a suitable theme online.  I hopefully won't mess it up too badly, but please bear with me if something looks odd.

I will leave you with some photos of my two monsters today, who despite the blazing sun insisted we buy umbrellas!  Even as I type this Gremlin is jumping around pretending to splash in puddles while being all 'Singin' in the Rain' with the umbrella.
Yes, they are holding umbrellas up, indoors.  We will be cursed for life!

And some more bonus Holland pictures, just because I may never get round to actually writing about it!

This tower is outside Jitterbugs old primary school, he and 2 friends used to climb to the very top (which I could not actually get in the photo!).  They have now blocked the bottom few metres to stop children climbing it.  And for the eagle eyed amongst you, he is carrying Rose in a Double Hammock with my wrap - he admitted this was way more comfy than his mei-tai!
A very helpful Bubba loved pulling the baskets round the supermarkets!
Gremlin and I on my FILs balcony - she wanted to run about, not sit down.  She is always crying in photos these days....
My little sister and I
A photo of me taking my 100th photo of my sister - she doesn't wait for you to ask for a photo, she suggests you might like a photo of her.  Thankfully she is funny with her cockiness!

There are more photos on Jitterbugs camera, but he takes forever to actually transfer them, but I may just do it myself if I can find the card reader.

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