Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

Now, I know I cannot be the only one who is surprised every single Wednesday to find that it is actually Wednesday, *again*.  I think it may be one of the perks, and downfalls, of being a parent to 2 busy little monkeys - time speeds up and it really is a case of blink and you miss it.

For example, after my mutterings a week or so ago about needing a quick project to give me my quick FO hit, I have finished it, so I still don't have anything more interesting to show than the Kiss Shawlette which is actually growing, albeit very very slowly.

I love the ridges the pattern forms
I also have my first self-spun WIP in the form of yarn.  There was slight drama last night when the single snapped as I was spinning and I couldn't find the end, so I think I'm going to have to navajo ply this sucker at the weekend, and just make an end *laugh*.

I have 2 full bobbins (well, one more full than the other), I just need a lazy kate made (and I'll hopefully talk Jitterbug into making my swift at the same time!).

I received a small delivery of yarn this morning.  It is an actual proper purchase for a specific project!  Let's not talk about the fact that I already had yarn for said project but have since changed my mind about it.....

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