Friday, 12 August 2011

FO Friday

And so it is Friday again!

I have a couple of FOs to show.  Well, technically only 1 is an FO, but the other totally could be an FO and totally will be one by the end of the day.

First up, Phytolith Mittens.  I am not happy with these.  Not one bit.  Love the colour, the yarn was a bit of a pain, the pattern is lovely.  The yarn just broke too easily and I know I am going to be worried about the yarn snapping when I'm putting them on.
What an utterly crap photo
The yarn, Shilasdair Luxury DK, is gorgeous, don't get me wrong.  I just wouldn't use it on anything that would need pulling or likely to catch or have any kind of stress placed on it.  The shawl I knit with it is lovely and soft, so I would definitely buy more of it with shawls in mind.  Or maybe hats.

Second FO (but technically not quite but totally could be) is a crocheted square I did last night.  It is big, so could be finished if I wanted it to be finished.  Since it is a pattern from 200 Crochet Blocks, I want to actually finish it to the pattern, which I should get done tonight.
I am using a variety of Lion Brand somethingorother colours which I originally bought for a jumper for Bubba when he was little, but being not so little and also not so into wearing anything I ask him to wear, this yarn has been freed up.  In an effort to do some stash-busting this decade, what better project than a crocheted blanket?

So, those are my FOs.  It's a nice feeling having some FOs for a change!  To see more FOs visit Tamis blog :)

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