Monday, 22 August 2011


When Google+ first came out, I was apprehensive. I love the ideal behind Google as a company; I own an Android phone, I use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps has to be one of the best inventions ever, Google Translate, Google Chrome, Google Reader, Google Sky Map, Picasa and of course Blogger! It is fair to say I am a fan, but even as a fan I didn't think Google could break into the social network market.

 In the last couple of days I have changed my mind. Google+ has something that no other network has - the ability to limit who see's your posts. for example, if I want to post anything knitting/crochet related, I could either post it to all my circles bombarding people who don't care with something which they would view as pointless information OR I can simply share it with my Yarn related circle! I've also been using my games related circle a lot this week since becoming ever so slightly addicted to City of Wonder. And this is only the start of it. As soon as people figure out how to manipulate G+ it can only get better.

There is a group on Ravelry for Google+, and one very bright lady has created a 'group' of knitters based on those who are on Ravelry, and they are currently holding a KAL, with a CAL soon to follow. I now use Google+ more than Facebook. I'd use it even more if the app would upload photos from my phone (however, I have rooted my phone, and this feature has worked in the past, so I think it may be a conflict somewhere, but who knows where exactly).

 If you are on G+, please feel free to add me. The link is just at the side there. Love it, and Facebook has every right to be afraid!

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