Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

I have a new WIP this week, surprise surprise!

I cast-on the Britta Lalena Head Wrap after realising I was getting into a funk with February Lady Sweater.  This is short enough and small enough to not need much concentration or time, and I should get it finished Thursday night.

The yarn I am using is GGH Baby Alpaka in the most gorgeous bluey green colour which is quite hard to capture on camera.  It is so lovely and smooshy and feels incredibly warm already.

After last weeks crisis of faith when it came to finishing Jittterbugs Brownstone in time for Christmas, I cracked on and the inches fell away. I knit on this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and it has pretty much doubled in size since last week.  I have now cast-off the middle section and will be working flat now *booooooo*
It has grown since this photo was taken, a couple of inches have been added on this afternoon and I am a couple of inches away from putting armpit stitches on scrap yarn!.  I am no longer feeling pessimistic about it, especially since he is off to Singapore or  Dubai next month for a week (can't remember which one) so I will get loads done then!  I should also get a fair bit done on Friday as I'm pulling an all-nighter, something I do pretty much every time we drive to Scotland as I suffer wicked insomnia all year round, so I stay up 3 hours longer than I would normally then sleep in the car!
February Lady Sweater is coming along, slowly but surely.  I'll be taking this to Scotland with me, probably won't do much in the car (I'll take Lizard Ridge for that!) but should get some done in the evenings.

No further progress was made to the Lizard Ridge block that I showed last week.

In other exciting news, I got a new cover for my kindle!
Gremlin has managed to break 2 covers, and damaged the exterior of the kindle while trying to tear it out of the Amazon branded cover, so I decided to go for a simpler solution this time.  It's not as elegant as the Amazon cover, I much prefer the light on those covers, but this one is less likely to result in breakage of either cover or kindle!  I'm still waiting for the light to arrive for it, hopefully it'll be here in the next day or two.  The cover is an M-Edge GO Executive Jacket and is really very nice.
The M-Edge store has so many designs of covers, there were 3 or 4 custom covers that I loved that would have worked out the same price wise but there is a shipping time of 2-3 weeks on those ones.  I have sent links to Jitterbug though so he may just get me one for my birthday or Christmas.

I also fell in love with decalgirl skins.  Could spend a lot of money on that website!  It works out cheaper to buy from there and get them sent over than to buy a skin in the UK!  Maybe next month....

Bonus photos:

The curious nature of children can be both exhilarating and frustrating.  Bubba is a very curious child, always asking questions about everyone and everything, non-stop all day every day and has done since he could babble.  Gremlin is more quiet in her curiosity - she sits, she watches, she listens and learns.

To see some more WIPs, head on over to Tamis Blog, and for more Yarn Alongs, head over to Ginnys.

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