Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WIP Wednesday

So, here we are again!

According to my ravelry page, I have 6 WIPs!!!!!  SIX!!!!!!  I really need to get cracking on some of them.  Three are for AYOP, 1 has an important deadline, and the other 2 I'll do when I feel like it!

At Knit Nation, I took part in the Bohus Stickning class.  I have wanted to knit the bohus jumper Wild Apple for a long time now, but was very afraid of spending £130 on a jumper kit that I'd never finish, so this class provided the perfect opportunity to see if it was an unfounded fear or not.  Seeing a wide variety of jumpers in the class reignited my love, and there are now a few styles I want to knit :D  We got given a wrist warmer kit to work on, and I will be honest, I went in very nervous that I'd be really crap.  Having never done any colourwork, knitting with 2 colours in a row scared me, never mind 3, or the 5 that often appear in other bohus garments.  I discovered though, that it really is quite simple after a few rows of doing it.

Project: Blue Shimmer Cuffs
Notions: 2.25mm circular needle, SOLsilke yarn made specifically for Bohus

The size of the needles needed are tiny, to me at least.  I ended up using 2.25mm, but only because that was the smallest I had with me.  The yarn is indescribably beautiful, and the way the colours have been put together is unexpected, but both the halo of the yarn and the colours used give it such a gorgeous look.  I will buy my Wild Apple kit some time next year.  I may also buy the hat kit too :D  I wasn't sure, prior to the class, whether I'd want to finish the wrist warmers, as blues and yellows are not my colours, but they are too beautiful not to finish, so I will finish them off at some point.

I started my next WIP on the ferry to The Netherlands.  I had grand hopes of finishing it while there, but I did not take into account how exhausted I would be, so I only worked on it for a couple of hours in total while there.  It is such a simple pattern that it shouldn't take too long to finish (famous last words!).

Project: KISS Triangle Shawlette
Notions: 5mm needles (I think), Araucania Ranco Solid in black.

I messed up right at the start and missed the stockinette section repeat, but luckily it looks fine!  The instructions are not too clear, but I've got it now.  Hopefully I will have this done in a couple of weeks.

The one I am most excited about is February Lady Sweater, but I think it's going to take me quite a while to finish off.

Project: February Lady Sweater
Notions: 4.5mm needles, Fiddlesticks Knitting Silken Merino yarn.

Now I've hit the lace section, I can actually imagine what it's going to look like when it's finished!  The lace pattern isn't showing up too clearly, whether that's because I've only done 3 repeats, or the yarn just isn't allowing the stitch definition I'm not sure, but all will be revealed when it's finished and blocked I guess!

I'm getting into that knitting funk now though, where I really need to see an FO to keep me going.  I am not a process knitter, I need to see the results pretty quickly.  I won't be starting any more projects until one of my AYOP projects has been finished.  At least, that's the plan.  I can already feel my brain justifying starting something new :S

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  1. Your colour work is lovely! I would/am terrified of using more than one colour!


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