Monday, 4 July 2011

Next year??!!!!

Jitterbug asked me last week how I'd feel if he got a job in Scotland for the start of next year.

My reaction surprised the crap out of me - I told him I wouldn't be hugely happy.

I still want to move there, but as a fresh start, without debt, and with savings.  I cannot and will not repeat the process of moving in to our current house where we took on more debt, and a bigger mortgage than we could handle, not to mention the large sum of money gifted from my father in law for the deposit because our old house sold for not much higher than the outstanding mortgage we had on it.

The housing market, in case you haven't read the papers in 3 years, is abysmal.  In order to sell this house, we'd need to decorate, fix the leaky roof, fix the broken guttering, and just keep it tidy.  I cannot and will not repeat the process of moving out of our old house, whereby I do all the cleaning and tidying and making sure everything is in its place.  It was hard the first time, and we only lived in a tiny 2 bedroom maisonette!  This house is already too big for me to do alone while also making sure Bubba and Gremlin are alive!

I want him to get a job when things are stable, not stagnating in a pond of rising inflation and rock bottom interest rates.

This time 2 years ago we were moving to Dubai, until I changed my mind.  It was a good job too, as the Dubai office shut down to bare minimum, and we'd have been stuffed.

I believe in trusting your instincts, and everything says now is not the time to be trying to sell a house (particularly when moving from the English selling system, and moving to the Scottish buying system), finding a house hundreds of miles away or finding a job hundreds of miles away.  Not to mention I don't think Bubba would take moving too well any time soon - no guarantee he would in the future, or Gremlin, but at least then we can consider their opinions. 

I feel quite angry now - why now?  Why not 3 years ago??  Hell, why not 2 years ago???

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