Sunday, 3 July 2011

It's my wedding anniversary!

2  years ago today, Jitterbug and I got married.  I was 6 months pregnant with Gremlin, and Bubba was so teeny tiny!

In fact, he was roughly the same age Gremlin is now.

Baby Bubba with Auntie Lois
Jitterbug and I drove up in our own car, parked in the Asda car park, and walked up with Bubba.  

Possibly the last time he ever ate meat
 It was a family only affair, having decided that inviting all our friends would cost us the earth.  It was the best decision we made, but I do regret not inviting my closest friends.

Jitterbugs family came over from Holland, and 2 of our friends travelled up from London to Falkirk.  

In the evening, we departed from the usual head table and all the minion tables, with Jitterbug and I sitting at different tables, with people sat next to people they may not have known.  Again, best thing we ever did, and by the end of the evening our families really felt like they knew each other. 

 We had a wedding cake, which we forgot about, and cut it shortly after everyone had started leaving.

My only regret was not having a photographer, but you can't have everything! 


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