Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Year of Projects {Week 1}

The first project I am aiming to complete was a current WIP that hadn't been touched in a while.

February Lady Sweater
Fiddlesticks Knitting Silken Merino, 4.5mm needles

I am knitting the medium size and on smaller needles to account for the slightly thicker than recommended yarn.  This is tedious.  I'm almost done the yoke, but if it's taken me 2 months to get this far, the lace section is really going to drag on!  It will be gorgeous when done, and this yarn is so soft and feels so warm.  I can't wait to wear it this autumn/winter!

I fell in love with this cardigan whenever it really took off on ravelry, so a couple of years now?  I almost bought yarn for it a couple of times, but backed out at the last minute.  When my Lily failed, I suddenly had the Silken Merino doing nothing, so took that as a sign that I should knit this!

As I said on Friday, I am also going to take this opportunity to set out my plans.  I have not decided order yet, but I'm not worrying about that.  I have decided on yarn for almost all of the projects I'm planning.

Endpaper Mitts - Garnstudio Drops Alpaca in red and white
KISS Triangle Shawl - Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Rayon Vert
Ayakos Vest -Magliatopia Soffstar Melange
Lanesplitter - Noro Kureyon or Tivoli Ocean
Lizard Ridge - Noro Kureyon in multiple colourways
Have You Made A Jumper Yet? - Fingering weight, tbc
Ziggy - Noro Kureyon Sock
Baktus - Kauni EQ Rainbow
Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat - Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi
Mini Mochi Fair Isle Mittens - Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi
Ishbel - Araucania Ranco Solid, Stone or Black
February Lady Sweater - Fiddlesticks Knitting Silken Merino

Some of this is stash yarn, some of it will be bought especially.  I am waiting until Knit Nation before deciding about Jumper yarn, will need to try and get as solid a colour as possible as I hate variegated and multicoloured clothing on me, so that is best seen in person.

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