Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Year of Projects

I have finalised my list for the year of projects.  I think.  My main goal in this is to challenge myself skill wise, but also have some fun, so I have chosen a range of projects to work on.  First two I will be working on are my February Lady Sweater and Lizard Ridge.  Since I have already started those I am going to concentrate my efforts to get them finished.  I know I will get bored of Lizard Ridge, so I'll be doing other projects between rectangles.  These links will take you to the ravelry pattern page.  In future, any links I post with regard to the year projects will take you to my personal project page.

February Lady Sweater
Ayakos vest
Kiss Triangle Shawlette
Endpaper Mitts
Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat
Mini Mochi Fair Isle Mittens

Hmmm, looking at the list, it feels a bit ambitious.   I hope I can get it all done.  I'm not planning on any gift-knitting this year, and if I do it will only be a couple of things for the members of the family that appreciate it!

A quick summary of new skills I hope to learn:

knitting 2 socks on 1 circular needle - I really want to knit socks.  I know the theory on knitting socks, but I suffer from severe second-everything syndrome.  I hope learning how to knit 2 small circular items on 1 needle will end this problem.  I know the theory of 2 socks on 1 needle, I just need to put it into practice.  I have wanted to knit Ziggy ever since that edition on Knitty was published, I think they are stunning socks and a bit different to the normal stripes.

colourwork - I have chosen Endpaper Mitts as I have yarn for these already, and I hope the mini mochi will be engaging enough for me to get through both hat and mittens!  I will be waiting until after I have done Ziggy, and then hopefully will combine the skill learned there with this, although I imagine the different strands of wool will be bothersome.  I am up for a challenge though!

knitting & crochet in one project - I only recently learned how to crochet, and while I do not love clothing that has been crochet, there is something special about clothing that has both elements in it.  When I first saw A Stitch in Time vol 1, Have You Made A Jumper Yet? was one of the many patterns that stood out to me, but was out of my reach at that point.  Now all I need to do is buy another copy of the book and I am all set!

The rest are for fun - Lanesplitter looks stunning so I hope I can find suitable coloured Kureyon for it, Ayakos Vest looks like it could be really nice and quirky with some extra added touches.  I have seen many a Baktus be done in Kauni, so I really hope I can get my hands on a ball of this.  Ishbel and the Triangle Shawlette are lovely patterns that I just want to knit.

Now, here is the interesting part - I also want to knit other projects in between these.  I already have one fairly big project that will eat up more of my time towards the end of the year, so I am trying not to get ahead of myself.  By other projects I mean a shawl here or there, a hat maybe.  Nothing huge or time consuming (famous last words!)

I have had a think about how often I want to post about this.  Initially, I was going to go for every 2 weeks, but think I'll start with every Sunday and see how I go.  If I have nothing to talk about, I'll switch to every second Sunday.

If you want to keep track of how I am doing, there is a link at the right that will take you to a short summary page of my projects.

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  1. Hi I'm on ravelry and taking part in year of projects to. I love all of the planned projects you have. Esp the 'have you made a jumper yet' And the shawl. Good luck with your projects. :)


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