Friday, 17 June 2011

FO Friday

I have 3 finished objects this week! 3!!!!!!!

Hold on to your hats....

Oh yes, all of 5 hours work right there!

I'm crocheting bookmarks on an impossibly small but not small enough hook. Each one takes me an hour, which is hardly surprising given their teeny tiny size. I've got 2 more to do for the in-laws, will probably do some sort of fan shape this time as the pineapples are getting a bit boring. Then I just need to wash, starch and iron!

The jar jacket looks very similar to the first one, and my attempts to mix up the colours failed spectacularly! I think there is only 1 colour in a different place. I also did this one a bit too tight at the rim, but never mind, I'm happy enough with it!

I really want a more interesting FO soon!

If you have time, you can browse more FOs from Tamis blog

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