Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stash Management

I run a tight ship round here.  I only purchase yarn as and when I need it.  Same goes for fabric and haberdashery items.

At least, in a perfect world where I am not the buyer that is the way it would work.

And it is with that in mind that I have now come to call (when I'm talking to myself anyway) this summer Stash Enhancement Season (SES for short).  My stash shall be growing.  By how much, I do not know, but I do know after August, I am on a yarn diet!

First up is Knit Nation 2011.  I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of it.  I am attending two classes, Bohus Stickning and Spinning for Knitting.

The Bohus class is on the Friday, and is followed by a marketplace preview!  I am so so excited about this class.  I fell in love with Bohus, in particular Wild Apple, a couple of years ago now, and before I die I will knit a Wild Apple jumper.  On the class we will learn about the history of Bohus, and also be given a small project to work on.  It does involve getting up before 6am, and leaving the house for a full day, leaving Gremlin without her milk all day, and not coming back until after bedtime.  It'll be interesting for Jitterbug, that's for sure!

Spinning for Knitting is on Saturday, and I will be attending with Lee and Danielle.  We will learn how to use our spindles better, how to spin even yarn, how to ply and maybe some other stuff I am forgetting.  It will be a lot of fun, and hopefully my back can withstand the 3 hours in the class spinning.

Afterwards, we will be shopping, and this is where SES begins!  I have two rules in place.  I am known for buying single skeins and regretting it, or buying single skeins and doing nothing with them because honestly, how many scarves can one person possibly knit?  So, Rule #1 No single skein purchases unless it is really really really nice.  Rule #2 I will be decisive and will come home with yarn.  My big fear is that I go, become so indecisive with too much choice that I come home with nothing.  I have saved long and hard to come up with money, and it will be spent!

Knit Nation is actually a perfect example of the never-ending patience of Jitterbug.  We had been scheduled to go to Holland that Saturday, but he said I could go to Knit Nation (and I didn't even have to ask, I only had to drop 1 hint!) and we go to Holland on Sunday.

When you think of Holland, you don't immediately think of yarn or fabric shopping.  Your thoughts, depending on the type of person you are, probably range from Anne Frank, to van Gogh, to Rembrandt, to Bloemenmarkt, to coffee shops, to the red light district, or to tulips or maybe even just plain old windmills


There are so many iconic things about Holland that I suspect only the most hard core of us yarnies consider yarn options.  It is something I have thought long and hard about, and knowing how much I am likely to buy at knit nation, I have decided that it won't make much difference if I buy more in Amsterdam.

I shall be visiting:

Penelope Crafts
Jan... de Grote Kleinvakman
de Aftap
and possibly Wolboetiek Sylvia

Jan is part of Albert Cuyp market, and from what Ive read they do a lot of sewing stuff as well as yarn, and even better, I was planning on going to Albert Cuyp market anyway!

Fabric shop wise, I couldn't find much in my price range, but if there's time I'd like to visit N&N Stoffen.  The other shops I found were far more upmarket, or quilting shops.  Hopefully there'll be fabric to be found at Albert Cuyp market, or Waterlooplein market.  Also on the shopping list will be general sewing supplies, buttons, zips - will need to see how much they are here before I leave!  The exchange rate at the moment isn't the best, but there is no danger of me buying fabric I can get cheaper here!

Assuming I don't bankrupt us by the end of July, we will then be going to Scotland in August for a week.  As I said in my WIP Wednesday post, I will be returning to The Yarn Cake for more Shilasdair yarn and maybe some other goodies, and I may also pop into The Life Craft and see what goodies they have.  If we are near the centre, Mandors may also have to be visited.

And with that SES will be over.  I don't think I'll be too upset, considering how much yarn will have been purchased in the space of 2 months!  Aforementioned yarn diet will last until January 2012 :D  Also, yarn that needs to be purchased for my Year of Projects does not count, but I am going to attempt to buy what I need at any of the above places.

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