Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Wednesday already?  Jeepers!

Only one WIP this week again, a shawl I cast on last night.

Pattern: Little Shells by Holly Griffin-Weidner
Project Notes: Little Shells

I am using Shilasdair Luxury DK.  Everyone must try this at some point, it is by far the nicest yarn I've used.  Even better than Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend!  The colour is to die for - a rich deep red, achieved with cochineal dye.  There is a shop in Glasgow, The Yarn Cake, which sell it, and come August when we are back up I will be buying more!  The next few months will be very very bad excellent for stash-expansion.

The pattern had me cursing very quickly, but lets face it, it doesn't take much!

It feels weird to be knitting something again, with no deadline, just for me.  I keep thinking I need to get this finished soon lol.

To see more WIPs, visit Tamis Amis blog!

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