Thursday, 16 June 2011


I like them cheap, and I like them tacky.  I'm not sure why, and I don't know when it began.  I certainly remember bringing back some god awful souvenirs from Singapore, Australia and Bali, but none quite as garish as I like them now, so relatively speaking it's quite a recent development.

These laughing buddhas are from Singapore, and aren't hugely tacky I hope you'll agree? 

Having a husband who travels a fair bit for work has proved to be a veritable gold-mine when it comes to cheap and tacky souvenirs.

The first one he got was when we first started going out, and he was in new York.  he was worried that I was being sarcastic when I said cheap and tacky, so bought me these decidedly non-cheap and tacky souvenirs

It's a shame really as I would imagine New York is brimming with tacky souvenirs!

The next business trip was more successful.  This time, Miami!  He did not disappoint!

This stunning plastic garish looking photo frame!  Isn't it gorgeous??  I seem to recall another gift from this trip, but can't remember the specifics!

Then we went to verona to see Pearl Jam in 2006, and I bought this beauty

In a small city filled with Romeo & Juliet and an old Arena, there was surprisingly very few tacky souvenirs to be had - that's Italians for you!  This fuelled a small obsession with snow globes, though I only have 3 so far :(

Paris was up next on the business agenda

He really let me down with this one but swears blind there wasn't much choice.  He usually keeps his gift buying confined to the airport to get the best tacky pickings, so it's an almost believable excuse really.

We then went on holiday to the Highlands over Christmas 2006, and I bought this

Rather ironically we were up Aonach Mor (the hill next to Ben Nevis) on boxing day and there was not a drop of snow!

He then went to Amsterdam and brought me back ceramic clogs, which was a let-down really since we have Jittes actual childhood clogs hanging in Olivers room.  Clogs??  What the hell was he thinking??  He grew up in Amsterdam and so knows full well the possibilities for tacky presents from Amsterdam.

Aren't they cute? He has 2 pairs, both of them well worn and decorated!
This is where the time-line gets fuzzy, so I'll do my best!
Singapore last year was a bit of a failure.  He was there for 2 weeks, got distracted by volcanic ash stopping his flight home and clearly lost the plot as this was all he could find.  I know for a fact, having been there for 2 weeks before myself, that Singapore is full of tack.

Sweden was at some point last year I think, and I doubted the Swede ability for tack.  Sweden is stylish, it's hip, and the people are gorgeous (see here for proof).  What I got, however, was very Swedish, and obviously aimed at children, but what they hell, it's the thought that counts!

He started going to Dubai in 2008, and Dubai, as you can imagine, has exceeded all expectations of tacky.  He has gone a few times a year since then, some times not getting anything worthy of my standards, but the last few trips has been very successful.

A lot of camels, but just look at them!  the second from last was brought back on Tuesday, and is glorious!  Just look at the Arab with the gold plastic rope attached to the camel.  And the jewelled camel is just spectacular!  the first one he brought back was the plain gold and silver, and I honestly didn't think he could beat that, but each trip he has come above and beyond what is expected.  Just look at the ashtray with the camels as the legs!!!  And the piece de resistance

A SNOW GLOBE!!!!!!  I don't think he will ever top a snow globe from Dubai!  Each time he goes, we talk about the possibilities, and I joked that a real challenge for Dubai would be to find a snow globe.  We both had a really good laugh at the prospect of finding a snow globe in Dubai, and had an even bigger laugh when he brought it home!

In case any of you are worried that this is all my husband brings back, it is not.  I have some gorgeous pashminas from Dubai, and scarves from Singapore.  The kids have had some toys, and some butt-ugly t-shirts, but he only bought those because he had money left to spend.

I look forward to business trips now!  he is unlikely to be going back to Dubai with as much frequency as he has done in the past, and for that I am sorry because I am sure there are way better tacky souvenirs to be had!

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