Friday, 10 June 2011

FO Friday

I have 2 FOs for you today.  Would have been 3 had I not been knocked down with a vomiting virus - however, I can now say that I truly do not get to be sick, having had to look after Bubba and Gremlin yesterday while Jitterbug went to work.  Bearing in mind I spent 12 hours straight being sick, half of which was while being watched over by little people, I am now hoping he succumbs to whatever virus this is when he is away for work over the next few days so he can know what it feels like to have to get up and work when every time you move you vomit.  Not that I am at all bitter over this.  Honest.

Onto the FOs!

Festival Shawl

After my frustration from last week, it ended up being a fairly mindless project, and before I knew it I didn't have enough yarn to do another repeat!  I might do this again, maybe in a variegated yarn.  The Araucania Ranco was amazing to work with, very pleased I bought more than I should have when it was on sale a few months ago!

Jar Jacket

I did this one evening this week, and am almost finished a second one.  I should hopefully get that done today so will update later if I do.  A very easy mindless project and can see me becoming obsessed a bit!  These 2 are for my MILs, we go to Holland next month for a week, and they both have little summerhouses (in Amsterdam, they have set aside a large amount of land for gardens that people can rent, and most of them have little houses on the land - one of my MILs lives there in summer, the other lives between there and her usual flat), and I think these would look pretty good in both the little houses. 

I probably won't have anything to show next week, but to see more of this weeks FOs, go here.

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