Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday = car boot sale!

Why is it most car boot sales are on Sunday?

Danielle decided yesterday she was going to the car boot today in a nearby town, about 30 minutes drive away, so Lee and I tagged along. It was an early start, being picked up at 8am! ON A SUNDAY! It was a very painful rise as I didn't get to sleep until 2.30ish, and then Gremlin woke me up at 4 for a while. I don't think jitterbug was too happy to be woken at 7 either, as he had to move to the spare room at some point during the night to get away from Gremlins feet which insist on kicking him in the night.

Got picked up, drank my tea and by the time we arrived I felt a bit more alive. We went to Pease Pottage boot sale, which claims to be "The largest Sunday car boot sale in South East England". It could well be, who actually knows. It was pretty big though, took us 2.5 hours to get round it all, though we were side tracked by tea, and spent a good long while at one craft stall in particular. I love a good car boot sale, though Jitterbug has only ever been to 2 in his life, both in the last 2 years - do the Dutch not realise the attraction of selling stuff on a table in a field in front of your car?

I went in with a budget of £20 and spent a bit under. Very happy with what I got for that amount!

A Singer chain stitch machine for children. Bubba loves sitting next to me when I sew, he's fascinated by the process of creating things, so thought he would like that, and I was not wrong! However, I am very fed up with it already, as the fabric keeps getting stuck in the teeth, so the batteries are being recharged right now to see if that helps. £1.50
Bubba loves trains. Train mad he is! He has a giant train table with loads of track and every Thomas related train imaginable, so had to get him the Sodor Engine Wash. He insisted on setting it up straight away! £2.50 which is a bargain for this type of stuff!

Lee bought this bag originally, and I'm not sure why she decided to sell it to me, but she did. She made no profit on it, which was nice of her. Bargain price of £1 for this amazing camera bag! I won't be using it for a camera, just a general big bag I think.

Touring map of Scotland, 50p! Larbert is where I come from! It'll look great in a frame :D

Light up globe £1. Ill put this in Olivers room when it's done, along with a framed world map from National Geographic. He loved the 'little planet with the sea and the grass and the dirt' (I know, melts your heart!)

The craft stall we got stuck at for a while sold everything so cheaply! I got some buttons, 50p a tube, fabric (£5.50) half of the stripey bit is Lees, zips for 40p each, seam ripper at 75p and some ribbon 3 for £1. I love the fabric, and going to make a box bag with the blue and the stripey stuff! It's a bit lightweight, so will need to find some white thicker material or a thicker interfacing.

Last but not least, a complete tea set consisting of 6 cups and saucers, 6 side plates, 1 serving dish, a sugar bowl and milk jug! Look at the gorgeousness of the pattern! And the milk jug is so cute! £2 for it all!

There it is on the third shelf (next to m jars of sewing stuff and crochet hooks) looking rather out of place on our random messy overstuffed bottom heavy shelves. See that fluffy white stuff on the bottom shelf? That is all the fleece I've carded, and it barely made a dent in the bags.

A grand day was had, lots of laughter and squealing (not on my part). I've largely had the weekend 'off' being a mum which was much needed and feel better for it. I have the best husband who will happily look after them fr a day while I go out, no complaints. It also came at the perfect time since Jitterbug will be in Dubai next weekend, away for 5 days in total :( Lots of knitting time planned though, and possibly some knitting sessions in my house?

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