Friday, 3 June 2011

FO Friday

This is going to be a quick one as I only have one FO to show you.

I finished the baby blanket last weekend, edging and all.  I got very lazy on the edging and only did a simple shell stitch for one round.  It looks nice and I love the colours  I chose!  It's not as floppy as I'd liked, should have gone up a hook size :(

Baby Blanket
Hook size: 4mm
Yarn: Unknown acrylic

The pattern was based on Attic24s granny stripes, I used a different colour change frequency which I think works quite well :)  I really was getting very bored towards the end, which highlights how I really don't need to buy the Stylecraft pack right now, and shall just wait until next year when I have finished my big project and am done with the winter knitting.  Although I really should finish Lizard Ridge first.  Maybe I'll make that my incentive to finish Lizard Ridge?

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