Monday, 6 June 2011

E is for... Expletives

Yup.  You heard.  E is for Expletives.

It is rare for me to go an hour knitting crocheting sewing crafting without some form of swearing.  Where I grew up, swearing, while being a big no no, was just another word for describing how you felt.  It didn't carry the shame it does now, which I find sad because there are some fantastic swear words!  Now it seems if you dare swear people will look down on your from their gigantic pedestal, assuming immediately they are the better person - you are not, we were raised in different areas with different values - and tend to think you are from a lesser class of people . 

Swearing is a stress relief.  Fact.  OK, it might be a bit of a stretch, since those studies were done on people in pain, and while crafting I am rarely in pain (though one recent incident where I sewed through my finger did result in a few choice expletives - and in front of children!).  I was going to say I don't swear when I'm in pain, but I do.  I do not swear while in labour though!  I swear when I am stressed out.  Yeah, that's more accurate.

I don't have a strong desire to stop swearing.  When I met Jitterbug I swore much more than I do now, and I still swear a lot more than other people I know(though am careful around children, especially other peoples children, and am proud to say my children have never swore!).  I do have a strong desire for the need to swear while crafting to lessen somewhat.  Every 2 hours would do me fine.  I think I just need to get good!

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