Monday, 30 May 2011

D is for... Double Pointed Needles

Double pointed needles, thou art mine enemy.
How many ways can I hate thee?
Let me count them...

Oh yes, actually, lots of ways to hate you.
We have never gotten on, DPNs and I.  Not since my very first sock project years ago which I abandoned.  then again on my next sock project which was also abandoned.  Then again on the first mittens I knit, which was the reason I learned magic loop.
I came back to DPNs recently for  the hush-hush secret project.  I have never wanted to stab anyone so much with a needle as I did then.   They frustrate me, my hands can't work and hold them.  I have tried bamboo and steel - steel were OK, I guess.  It's the better of two evils let's say.  I have no urge to master DPNs now.  I am pretty good at magic loop; nothing gets twisted, I've sorted out the laddering issue and there's only 2 needles!  Why fix what ain't broke?

Oh double pointed needles, I despise you from the very pit of  my heart.  I hate you with more passion than I could ever muster to love anything.  I would gladly watch you burn in a sea of flames if it wasn't for the fact I am way too Scottish (and therefore way too stingy) to burn something still usable, so you will languish at the bottom of my bag for many many years, not to be seen until long, long, long after I have forgotten about the heart palpitations brought on by pure hatred.  I feel such disdain towards you I can't bring myself to look at you.

That felt good.  For more Ds see here

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