Saturday, 28 May 2011

Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs

We got a nice surprise this morning when we returned from a rather traumatic Tesco trip to find this had arrived.  We pre-ordered this a few weeks back, along with the DVD Water On The Road, a solo concert by Mr Eddie sex-on-legs Vedder.  If I had to decide between Eddie Vedder and Jitterbug, Jitterbug would be left holding the kids wondering why he wasn't lucky enough to be whisked away by Eddie Vedder!


I love this album so far.  It's very honest, no frills, nothing fancy.  Just him and a ukulele.  A frickin Ukulele!!!!  On no other man could playing a uke look sexy - Jitterbug just looks like a giant playing a 3/4 sized guitar playing his, and that's being kind.  But there is nothing Eddie Vedder cannot pull off.

I am very much looking forward to the blu-ray arriving on Tuesday!

Oh, and this is an early post, but only because I know we'll be listening to it over dinner :D

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