Friday, 6 June 2008

You know that way?

You know... That way? The way when you discover you're knitting something that would fit a midget, and the intended recipient is not a midget?

I discovered that while knitting up Presto Chango. Bubba is 7 months old; I knit the 12 month size. Something went hugely wrong... I seem to have been knitting the 6 months size instead. I don't know why, and I don't know how I didn't see it sooner, but having spent 2 days knitting the body, sewing the seams, and starting the front panel, I find myself in a slump with it.

It will get worn some day, by some distant yet-to-be-concieved child of ours, I just can't get the energy to finish the damn thing! I'm 2 hours off finishing, which is the frustrating part!

While on the topic of frustrations, I can't stop buying this. Socktopus have it on sale, and it is dangerous. I don't knit socks, but I like buying yarn thinking someday I will. But seriously, who needs Koigu in 5 colourways if, deep down, you know you're never going to knit socks, and you hate knitting with 2.5mm? With that, I decided the next few months I will be knitting from my stash only. I have alot of crappy cheap yarns, which will be made into hats, vests for Bubba, needle cases, pouches for random things, maybe a shopping bag. I just need the energy to do it!

My Dream in Color shrug was put on the back burner for a while there, but I picked it up yesterday, and am determined to finish it before I start anything new.

I am half-way through, but I'm not a huge fan of the colour. I prefer deep dark reds, and this is not a deep dark red (you can see the peachy/pink flecks in the top image). It may get gifted when done, or it may languish in the back of my cupboard. Either way, I will be knitting another one, as I have just ordered some more Classy in Visual Purple - again from Socktopus. The yarn is gorgeous, and lovely to knit with, just a shame about the red.

I think if I can get Presto Chango and the shrug finished, I'll then cast on for some mindless project, like a hat.

I have also been buying up Noro Kureyon for my Lizard Ridge. I now have 10 colourways sitting in the box, hiding from J, just waiting for me to knit them up. I have completed 2 blocks already, and it is such as easy knit, I can see myself doing one every week or so, which means it might be finished in time for winter!

I am planning on knitting as many squares as I can, all in different colourways. I prefer the bright ones, and I'm already struggling with the choice available in the UK, so I may have to order some from the US in the future, and hope I dont incur the dreaded import tax.

I always find when I need to spend money this fuels just more spending. The most recent Koigu purchases were caused by my need to buy a new washing machine. Ours kicked the dust, mid-rinse cycle 2 days ago.

It is 7 years old, so not ancient in the world of washing machines, but when J and his ex bought it, it was the 'far low end price range', and to be honest I've always hated it. It has given me nothing but grief since I started using it on a regular basis. It would go through periods of not wanting to spin, then go through periods of spinning, but not doing it properly. Just last week, I spent a full day trying to get it to spin, or spin properly. So I will be more than happy to say adios to it. We invested in a Hotpoint, in the 'upper mid price range', it is AAA energy classed, takes 7kg of washing, and spins a hell of a lot faster than our current one.

I have read that some cycles can take a while (there are 16 to choose from.... 16!!!!), but can't take much longer than 2.5 hours, and even if it did, it takes almost double the washing our crapped out one does. I'll gladly take less wash loads for an increased cycle time. I have realised though this means we will also have to purchase a new clothes horse (we have no dryer) to cope with this extra washing. So you see... spending fuels spending!!!

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