Monday, 30 June 2008

I finished the shrug... I actually finished the shrug. Stupid me forgot to take photos before it was gifted to mother-dear, but it looked good!! After a lot of discussion between J and I - 'Is it nice?' 'Yeah, but it's too funky for you' 'Yeah, I know' - I decided shrugs are not for me. He was right on the money when he said it was too funky. I'd never wear it, and it would languish in the back of my already over-flowing cupboard.

Since finishing, knitting has taken a backburner to house-readying. Yep, we have decided we are going to sell our house (or try, at least) and move somewhere bigger! So I had to painfully go through my yarn stash and decide what I would like to keep to knit with, and what should go into storage. While the storage space is not far (it's in our attic), I can't actually get up there.

I decided on 4 balls of Kureyon for my Lizard Ridge, 5 balls of New Lanark Aran for my Hemlock Ring, and the skein of Baruffa Cashwool I bought for the Goddessknits Anniversary Shawl.

Quick summary on my progress of these projects:

Lizard Ridge - is currently sitting at 2 squares. Pathetic, I know. I love the pattern and the yarn, but for a while there knitting something other than the shrug would bring me out in guilt. With the 4 balls I kept though, this should increase. I may even start another tonight!

Hemlock Ring - Major major major screw-up made my 25th row stitch count way wrong, and since this was my second mistake in the blanket so far, I've decided I'm going to rip it and start again. Only a couple of nights knitting sacrificed. Of what I did do though, I think I'm going to love knitting this up!

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl - due to not getting my yarn until last Friday, and realising there was no way I could hand-wind that beast, I have not started yet. The ball winder should arrive tomorrow so I should get it started by the weekend. I'm not knitting a swatch, just doing for it. I think I may knit this up with 3.25mm circs, Magic Loop method. I think the 3.75mm will leave it looking way too gappy, but I'll see how it looks after the first clue is done.

To be honest though, I doubt I'll get much knitting done in the next few months, what with selling our house, trying to compile our photo albums (I have around 1200 photos to get stuck down... HELP ME!!!) and trying to keep track of Bubba (who has now learned to crawl!!).

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