Monday, 7 July 2008

Mystery Shawl will remain a mystery

I have never hated casting on and knitting 1 row as much as I hated this. I hate it. The yarn is too fine, needles too small. I gave up. Spent an hour on it, then threw it at the computer. No joke.

So, I've decided to order replacement yarn, as I have heard that Baruffa Cashwool is very very very fine, much more so than other laceweight. Problem is, the yarn I can afford is out of stock, so the Mystery Shawl will have to wait.

However, in my utter disgust and anger, I decided to re-start the Hemlock Ring... so far so good! On round 34, only messed up a couple of times, only 1 is noticable, but I'm hoping to fix it later with some DIY.

Also on the needles are Twinkle Toes socks by Cookie A. My first ever toe-up socks, and I am pleased to say they are going well. I am loving the pattern, and loving the yarn even more. It is Koigu KPPPM in colourway P436, which I bought in the Socktopus sale a few weeks ago. Much to my shame, they have been hiding from J ever since. Ah, if only he knew how much this 'hobby' has cost us. I have a major Koigu problem though. MAJOR. I want more.

Sorry for the crappy photo, this was an attempt at a close-up of the detail!

As you can see, I'm not that far along, but this only took me 3 hours, which I was very impressed with seeing as I may possibly be the slowest laziest knitter on this planet. But just look at the colours... blues and purples and greens and whites.... LUSH!

I have also been thinking recently about Christmas presents. So I bought some yarn from Krafty Koala with the intention of doing Karys Chevron Scarf. I'm not sure how it'll look, but the yarn is nice nonetheless. I love the brightness of the colours, and the price was just right too!!

In other non-knitting life news, there's not much. The best thing is that we finally got our new shower installed, 8 months (!!!!) after our old one died (R.I.P. old shower). It feels so nice to get up and have a shower, and not having to run a bath. We also did alot of tidying round the house, Bubba's room is finally a proper baby room!! There is not one thing of ours in there, and it looks so nice now.

Just got a few more things to tidy, then it's going on the market. WOOHOO!!!

Oh, and we spent alot of time chasing Bubba about... still couldn't stop him getting wedged under the table though!

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