Thursday, 19 June 2008

Blasted Cold!

Ugh, Bubba and I came down with a man-killing cold. Being a woman I fought it off tooth and nail, but Bubba has been suffering for 2 weeks. I've never seen so much snot, or heard a cough quite like this before in my life.

Being good parents we are, we doped him up every opportunity just so he could sleep (ok, and so we could sleep). Today he was a different boy! He really has been through the wars this past month. Roseola hit him pretty hard, the fever was a nightmare, then the rash made him itch. Then the cold hit. His teeth have been bothering us all for some time now, but the last week I've noticed 2 white hard dots on his gums. Not at the front though, where every normal complying child would grow their first teeth. Instead, these are right at the back of his gums. Silly boy!!!

As a result of all this, my knitting had to take a backseat. The past few days I've been too weak and too tired to even think about picking up the needles, but last night I finally cast on for the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I'm using New Lanark Aran in Cherry, and it is beautiful!! The colour that is, not my knitting. The first 17 rounds were completed last night before dinner finally called. J called it ambitious. The fact I cast on for this, also while trying to do the Lizard Ridge and finish the Shrug... well, some could call foolish. I like to call it hopeful.

However, the shrug is killing me. I'm on the ribbing for the final sleeve, only 9 more rows until it is done, and I can start on the ribbing for the body. For some reason, and I'm hopefully not alone in this, ribbing makes me want to cry. It's boring, repetitive and I always struggle to keep myself focused. It will get finished soon. It has to get finished soon.

Part of the reason I've decided to do big projects for a while is that we are putting our house on the market soon. I'd rather have just a few balls of wool and 2 projects to work on, than lots of wool and many projects. I'll probably eat my words in a few weeks time, but for now that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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