Monday, 13 February 2012

Stash Diet Review: Rowan Fine Tweed

Rowan Fine Tweed has only been in my stash a few weeks.  It was bought with 1 purpose only - Peerie Flooers Mittens and Hat.  I fell head over heels in love with these patterns form the moment I saw them.
I'm not usually a fan of tweed yarns, but when I looked through the projects and saw the mittens and hats done in solid yarns, they just didn't have the same effect on me.
The colours are gorgeous.  The yarn is not rough, but not soft.
 I especially love the red and yellow colours, but then I love red anyway, and something about certain shades of yellow gets me thinking maybe I *do* like yellow afterall.
The tweed effects is most obvious in the dark green and yellow, with orange, yellow and green flecks being seen quite strongly in the yarn.

I'm going to be starting Peerie Flooer Mittens very very soon as part of my build-up to the Bohus hat kit, and I really cannot wait to use these colours and watch the mittens develop!

1 comment:

  1. The colours are awesome aren't they? Can't wait to see how your Peerie's turn out!

    S x


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