Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WIP Wednesday

This Wednesday I am continuing on my Have You Made a Jumper Yet?  I am about to do the second shoulder decreases and increases, then it's 10" stockinette until the main body is finished.

My crochet mojo has well and truly left me, so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage the sleeves and body crochet portions when I get to them.  Please Santa, send me some mojo for Christmas!

I have also broken my no-baby-knits rule!  I have found yarn and will be casting this on at some point.  It is for my sisters best friends little boy, so needs to be done by the time we go to Scotland in 2 weeks!  On second thought, I may start this tonight!  The cast-on stitch number in the size I want is terrifying - 198 stitches!  And then I need to continue knitting that for 13cm!  HOLY MOLY!  This will probably push my concentration and boredom levels to the absolute limit.

It will be worth it though - I have known her for 15 years now, and she will be visiting us over the Christmas period so I can show her how to use a wrap for her son.  I am so proud of her - first child, gave birth at home (her parents home), immediately popped him on the breast, using cloth nappies and is hoping to not need the pushchair they bought for a long time!

I do apologise for the lack of pictures in this weeks post, my camera batteries have died.  Here are some random pictures to make up for it!

Bungeeeeeee, Kuta Beach, Bali 2005

"Flight Training"
"No, I'm not petrified of jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet, even though climbing up a ladder and looking down gives me cold sweats"
Skydive, Penrith Lakes near the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia 2005
By best friend (at the time) on the right who convinced me to do the adrenaline pumping activities.
Preparing for a scuba dive (which failed as the claustrophobia was too much), Candidasa, Bali 2005

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