Monday, 19 December 2011

Making up for Lost Time!

Wow, I blinked and more than a week flew by me, just like that!

Highlights include carrying Gremlin loads on my front, resulting in some serious shoulder and lower back pain (shoulder pain because all of a sudden I'm supporting 30lbs on there with no build-up, lower back because my body likes to mess with me)
See how happy she looks?  She has really fallen in love with being carried on my front, and is the preferred mode of transport these days!

We have seen Santa many times, and enjoyed a festive Nativity sing-along at Bubbas pre-school.
I am really finding myself getting excited this year, we all seem to be.  We are all feeding off Bubbas excitement, even Gremlin is uber-excited about Santa, and she has no idea why!

Both Jitterbug and I have been busy little bees for the past 3 days, cleaning and tidying our house in preparation.  I even hoovered under the sofas!!  He has been in my baddish books this week as he very stupidly crashed into the back of someone while creeping forward in the car without looking where he was going.  OK, I'll admit it, I was quite annoyed with him, as it meant we'd have to start again on our savings in order to start our home improvements next year, and then he starts blethering on about a weekend away.... "it doesn't have to cost much, just a cheap flight somewhere, and a cheap hotel".... You can imagine my eye-rolls.

We also finally sorted our CDs.  When we moved in with each other just under 4 years ago, we merged 2 fairly big music collections and never sorted through for doubles.  We weeded loads out that we were certain about, and the left were rest in boxes.
When we moved, the situation grew even worse as we had nowhere to store them, so for 2.5 years now over 1000 cds have been sitting in moving boxes waiting to be let out.  On Saturday night we decided to sort through them, bring down some new music to listen to here and get rid of the duplicates, and there were many duplicates!  They have now been re-homed with various family and friends who will love them :)
Some of the duplicates had us laughing - we had 6 copies of one album.  6!!!  One was signed, one signed and numbered, one was first edition, one was first major publishing, and 2 others.  We had 3 copies of albums we hate!  It was unreal!  We both feel better for doing it, and we managed to weed out over 200 CDs, either copies or just really really bad.

Jitterbug was talking about how he'd love to have them out of boxes and within easy access, and looked most disappointed when I told him his crash had wiped out all the money we had saved for it - he didn't think we had saved enough, but I think knowing his stupidity has cost him some nice new furniture might make him think again in future before doing something as wreck-less as that again.  Yes, I am harsh on him, but only because for the last 5 years we've had many arguments about it, and how it was an accident waiting to happen.

I have done knitting, but have no photos again.  I am getting very crap at this.  I have a finished baby cardigan to show at some point, and also some progress on my jumper, so I will try very hard to update this week!

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