Friday, 4 November 2011

A Stitch in Time vol 2 (and they're making a mockery of me!)

It was with great anticipation I received my copy of Stitch in Time vol 2 this week.  This was a mothers day gift, but with the many delays, it is closer to being an early birthday gift!
I love the first book, which is weird as I don't love a lot of the patterns.  The same has happened this time.  I adore the book, the photography is stunning, the print is astounding, and the binding and paper quality are both top notch.

I have high hopes for falling in love with more and more of the patterns, the more I look through the book.  Two jumped out at me, then another, then another.  The thing about the first book is while I don't love a lot of the patterns, I always find a new one I like as I look through it.

You can see some of the images from the new book at knitonthenet. With the book was also some small samples of Excelana, and discount codes (which luckily don't run out until Jan 2012!) so I obviously need to decide what I'm going to be buying with them in January ;)

Now why is it every time I say I won't buy any more, I see something I've wanted for ages and ages?

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