Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Year of Projects

It has been an absolute age since I last posted!  My lack of posting should not deceive anyone in to thinking I had  been too  busy - I simply had nothing to show!

I am starting to feel quite limited by my list - I feel like it is constantly in my mind and making me feel guilty, so I am trying to take a more relaxed approach.  I will do most of the objects on my list, but as the months go on, I find patterns I like more, so may substitute a few for other examples, so mittens for mittens, shawl for shawl.

The reason for this post is I finally finished my February Lady Sweater.  I posted about this on FO Friday, so this is for those that missed it.

 I wanted it to sit on my hips, but it turns out I really love the length it grew to.  I have some minor quibbles - the shoulders have a habit of gaping, the arm-pits are huge, I wish I had spaced my button holes out more so they ended at the start of the lace.  The yarn I chose (Fiddlesticks Silken merino) is gorgeous, and I still have a full ball left which I have no idea what to do with.
I adore the colour!  This photo is fairly accurate.
It is very warm, and the colour choice makes it the perfect item to add more colour through accessories.

I'm not sure what I am going to do next - I am no longer going to do the Mini Mochi Mittens, but may use the yarn for Swedish Fish.  I have a couple of fun small projects on the go, but will hopefully get them started in a couple of weeks!

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