Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Birthday Gremlin!

My most favourite witch (closely followed by my little sister) turned 2 today.  happy birthday beautiful baby.  I'll forgive you for the 1 hours sleep eventually.  Probably not any time soon, but I remain hopeful that it'll happen by the time you move out.
42 weeks pregnant, 2 days before I went into labour with her.  She was a pain in the backside long before she was born!
She was born at home, in water, in a drug free 4 hour labour.  She came out weighing 9lbs 4oz, surprising all of us.
Her big brother was smitten.
This is the bedroom I slaved over at 37 weeks pregnant.  She has yet to sleep in it.
This is how we usually sleep.  It is rather uncomfortable for all but the witch.
Moments like these make it hard to stay angry with her.
She is still carried in a sling most days.  She is still a bit crazy with her dress sense.  She loves her dolls like they are babies.  Her brother is her most favourite person in the world.

Happy birthday baby girl.

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