Friday, 21 October 2011

FO Friday

It was with great happiness that I finally finished my February Lady Sweater!

It grew.  Oh boy, did it grow!  
 I wanted it to sit on my hips, but it turns out I really love the length it grew to.  I have some minor quibbles - the shoulders have a habit of gaping, the arm-pits are huge, I wish I had spaced my button holes out more so they ended at the start of the lace.  The yarn I chose (Fiddlesticks Silken merino) is gorgeous, and I still have a full ball left which I have no idea what to do with.
I adore the colour!  This photo is fairly accurate.   I am also very glad that the mistakes I made in the lace can't be seen.  I can't remember where they are, but nothing obvious sticks out, and I'm not going to look too hard in case they suddenly appear and I can't stop seeing them!
It is very warm, and the colour choice it the perfect item to add more colour through accessories.  Sadly, Autumn seems to have gone missing this year and we have hurtled from summer to winter in the space of a few days, so it won't quite be as useful as the in-between outerwear I thought, but there's always spring (unless that season also goes AWOL).  

When I saw the last picture, I noticed something odd.  Probably not many can see it, but I have a knack for expecting mistakes in my work and noticing them (hence my pleasure at being unable to see the lace errors!).  I am very glad for this mistake though, otherwise the cardigan may have turned out huge.  You see, at some point along the lines, I dropped a needle size.  I know when it happened, because I took a long break and needed the needles, and had just completed the eye-let row.  Like I said, it's not obvious and Jitterbug could only see it when I stretched the fabric out and pointed out how much smaller the gaps  between stitches were below the eye-let row.

I also received great news on the Christmas Jumper front.  Jitterbug has been asked to go to Kenya for 3 days next week, meaning the collar, and therefore the jumper, should be finished on schedule by the end of the month!  I cannot wait to have this done and blocked and hidden away.  The bag it is in is becoming harder to hide, and I am very worried he's going to eventually catch on to the fact whenever I go out knitting I take it, and not any other projects I'm working on.

For other beautiful FO's, you should have a look at Tamis blog.

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