Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hello Wednesday!

Had a great 7 days since the last WIP post, feel much better now I've taken a short break from the big projects and doing the easy quick little knits.

I cast-on Cairn for Jitterbug last Wednesday.  I am not sure how it'll turn out as it's thicker yarn on bigger needles so everything is going to be bigger.  This should be a good thing as the Dutch do have massive heads, so fingers crossed it works out!
I'm knitting this in GGH Baby Alpaka, with a mustardy colour contrast.  This has been semi on the back burner because of the next project.

Leethal patterns are amazing.  I love them!  So when she put out a call for test knitters for a new project, I immediately replied.
I won't say what it is just yet, but it is a very clever pattern, and has so many beautiful possibilities.  I chose to do mine in Araucania Nature Wool after some discussion, and I am so not fond of the colour!  It's a peachy kind of colour which does not look good on me, so not sure what I'll do with the FO.  I am almost finished this, should get it done tonight or tomorrow.

That's all from me fr today, I'll hopefully be back for FO Friday!  TO see more WIP Wednesdays, head on over to Tamis

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