Friday, 9 September 2011

FO Friday

It feels like forever since I had a real FO to speak of!

I knit this a couple of weeks ago, and added buttons this week.

Project: Britta Lalena Head Wrap
Notions: 4mm needles, 2 buttons, GGH Baby Alpaka

The colour is divine and the GGH Baby Alpaka was such a treat to work with.  I bought this on a whim while in Amsterdam, as you can't get it here.  I bought enough to do wristwarmers/fingerless gloves too, and I am also knitting Jitterbug a hat with it right now!  The pattern is nice and straight forward, with a chart and written instructions for the lace section.  It's not something I usually wear, but I tend to tie my hair back so hats aren't great for me in winter.  Hopefully this will get a lot of use!

Funny story: You may notice my YOs are a bit small.  It's something I've noticed since I picked up knitting again this year, and I know my YOs never used to be small.  So I wondered if I was doing them wrong.... yep, you guessed it!  Not only that, but I knit everything wrong it seems!  I knit continental, and instead of the yarn going front to back on each knit stitch, I bring mine from the back and over to the front.  I am sure all this has something to do with my YOs being so small, so I'm going to experiment.  My knitting style changed when I resumed knitting at the start of this year, and is faster than it was before, and more importantly it works for me, but 'normal' continental also works for me, just a bit slower and awkward.  I cant decide whether its worth the bother learning to do it 'right' since my current way obviously works, or if I should just figure out a way to get my YOs bigger?

Bonus photo:
Gremlin after a hard morning & afternoons 'work'

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