Friday, 30 September 2011

FO Friday

Two FOs today!  TWO!  One is cheat since I finished it a couple of weeks ago.  The best part - I have another FO that is finished but isn't blocked, and for that reason I won't post today about it, but that's THREE whole finished objects!

Parallel Lines
Araucania Nature Wool Solid, 5mm needles.

I love this pattern, and it looks great on.  Hate the colour so it has been given to my very grateful mum, but it will probably be getting knit again.  It only took a couple of evenings work, and uses twisted stitches to great effect.

It is knit flat, then uses short rows to create a really unique area before grafting to create the twist.  Leethal has some amazing any-gauge patterns, I feel honoured to have now knit 2 of them.  I have 3 of her patterns just begging for time, which I will give them once I have finished another project.  The twisted stitches were really easy to keep track of once I knew what I was looking for!

GGH Baby Alpaka in 2 colours, 3.25mm & 4mm needles

I knit this for Jitterbug, and was really worried about the sizing, but luckily it is a perfect fit!
He tried it on for size after returning yesterday form a business trip, and proclaimed he liked it very much (the picture says it all!), and also mentioned how soft it was before taking it off due to head sweat.  I never knit for him.  I have done him 1 item (a hat) in all the years I've known him, and it's not even a well done hat - it was the very first garment I knit, was knit flat, and has a few obvious mistakes, so he was due something so I agreed to knit him a hat to shut him up and take him off the scent of his Christmas jumper.

The pattern is alright.  Not great, very very clever though, using slipped stitches to created the different coloured rows.  I won't knit be knitting another, purely because no-one wears beanies in my family and Jitterbug won't be getting another hat for at least 2 years by which time there will be lot's of other patterns around!

That's my FOs for today, click on through to Tamis to see more.

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