Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm still at my families house in Scotland, so you will have to deal with phone photos for this post!
 February Lady Sweater is starting to look like a proper cardigan now!  I'm managing at least one repeat a night before I get distracted by something, but not much longer now!
While here, I also relinquished my embroidery threads.  These are the complete ones (and ones that arent in knots!) that I'll be bringing home to eventually do some embroidery.  I need to buy some plain fabric (I think, I may have some at home), or really fine aida fabric and then go scouring for some charts!  Very much looking forward to getting my embroidery stuff sorted out when I get home, I have bits and pieces floating about all over our house.

Next weeks post should be slightly more interesting than this one!  For more WIP Wednesday, visit Tami

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