Monday, 29 August 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Emma at Winging It awarded me with a Versatile Blogger award (that sentence sounds so bad grammatically when I read it back, I just can't figure out a better way of saying it.).

So, first of all, thank you Emma!  I must admit I only started reading Emmas blog a few weeks ago, but the photos over there are inspiring, not to mention the objects being worked on.  If you haven't already, you should go take a look!

As part of the award I have to share seven interesting things about myself.  My immediate reaction was 'I'm not very interesting', and part of me is still saying that, so I apologise for the lameness of my interesting things!

1. Insomnia sucks! I have suffered insomnia for as long as I can remember, way way back to when I was 8 or 9.  It comes and goes, changing seasons makes it worse, pregnancy also makes it pretty bad.  On more than one occasion I have stumbled into work having been awake 36-48 hours already.  Thankfully it is not that bad at the moment, but it's bad enough I average 3 hour sleep a night right now.  I don't worry about it any more.  I don't fight it, and Jitterbug thinks nothing of me staying up mega early or even all night if we are travelling the next day.

2. I'm a bit of a film and music nerd.  More films than music to be honest.  It drives Jitterbug insane but at the same time he finds it very very useful - you know those moments you see someone in a film/tv show and you recognise them from something else?  I'm excellent at that game.  I am also stellar at knowing when he thinks this person is someone else but really just looks like someone else.

3. I have a degree in Internet Software Development.  My degree was based around programming, I knew quite a few languages, made a few games and general applications.  I even did it for fun :O  I built and designed websites and I knew HTML & CSS like the back of my hand. Sadly, time happened, and I have forgotten pretty much everything but the basics.  I can navigate my way round code, edit HTML, CSS, XML, C, C++, VB, SQL.  But ask me to start from scratch and I wouldn't have a clue.  I also built every single PC I owned from scratch, as well as Jitterbugs and a number of friends.

4. I am a terrible passenger.  I have been in a few car crashes in my life, but I was in 2 write-offs within the space of 6 months and it knocked my confidence.  I am fine driving on roads I know, and know the danger points, but new roads scare me.  Motorways give me panic attacks, while driving and being a passenger.  When we drive to Scotland the first 3 hours are terrifying and I can feel my blood pressure rising, my heartbeat speeding up, feeling dizzy.  As soon as we get past Birmingham, I calm down.  My problem is a see car crashes everywhere.  I imagine worse case scenario in everything.

5. I am what is known as a fussy eater.  I am not fussy, I just don't like a lot of things.  I try most things, and if I like them, great.  If I don't, so what?  I tried to explain to Jitterbug why I sometimes like some stuff, and not others, and the only way I could describe it made me sound like a crazy person.  Sometimes it's to do with taste, most time's it is about texture.  Rarely, it is a mixture of smell, texture and taste.  Fish makes me want to puke.  In fact, I have puked while trying some fish, so I don't try fish any more.  Cheese & onion on a pizza is also one which will make me gag every time (and has also made me puke on one occasion).  Peas and sweetcorn eaten together feels wrong to my mouth.  Crispy and soft foods together weird me out.

6. I have a highly addictive personality.  I am easily obsessed by things - in the past few years I have traded concert recordings obsessively, watched TV series' back to back, read book series' back to back, I need to watch everything a favourite actor is in, I buy 'stuff' (baby wraps, cloth nappies, beads, clothes, fabric, yarn....).  I even became obsessed with not spending money (this was no bad thing and helped us loads, and still use what I learned then now).

7. When the kids go to school, I am going to learn Dutch.  Not for any good reason, I just have this huge fear that Jitterbug, when he is older, will wake up one day and forget he can speak English and just start talking to me in Dutch.  Silly, but my brain is full of terrifying thoughts such as this.  I can understand basic Dutch, and get the gist of conversations quite easily, it's just speaking it that I can't do.  Rosetta Stone, here I come!

Now, the links.  I did compile a list of blogs I read (honestly!), but then I started going through all the other blogs who have nominated and been nominated, and it would seem every single one of the blogs I was going to list had already been nominated, so you will have to come back at a later date for the links!

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